Your Turn (plus bonus)

The Domino Project

This is a new full-color book in magazine format. It's all new material, in the spirit of Linchpin and Icarus, focusing on our invented battle with fear and our obligation to do work that matters.

The book started shipping at the end of November, and my focus is that it exist in print, a real book, something you touch and write in and share. And instead of chasing various middlemen, it's only guaranteed to be available here, directly from printer and me.

Except that's not true, because my real hope is that you'll pre-order a bunch of them and distribute/sell/give away copies to your friends and colleagues.

Horizontal distribution!

The retail price of the book is $34. But if you order one, I'm going to send you two. Because I want you to share it.

$ 34.00

Here's an overview of the order options

Order one, get two. Order three, get five.... Click a box then add to cart.

You can also order one copy (and get one free) for $ 34 plus shipping