What to do when it's your turn (and it's always your turn) by Seth Godin


I'm going out on a limb. Want to come? 

A new kind of book for people hoping to do work that matters.

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I think we're wasting the chance of a lifetime.

This is an urgent call to do the work we're hiding from, a manifesto about living with things that might not work and embracing tension when doing your art.

The book:

Some of the people featured in the book include:

Mark Frauenfelder, Timothy Leary, Grace Hopper, Miles Davis, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Leonardo Davinci, Leonard Bernstein, Ai Wei Wei, Erich Fromm, Mike Ambassador Bruny, Allison Myers, Akira Kurosawa, Walter Mischel, Richard Nixon, Isaac Asimov, Ella Fitzgerald, Gutenberg, Shirley Chisolm, Heisenberg, Madame Curie, The Staypuft Marshmallow Man, and David Crosby.

[About the cover: That's Annie Kenney, who died about 70 years ago. She was a mill worker in England, a member of the downtrodden working class, and an early suffragette. At a rally for women's right to vote, she asked a member of Parliament for his position on the issue. When he refused to answer, she pushed back, making such a ruckus that she went to jail for three days. Her courage amplified a movement that ended up changing the world. Millions of women could have taken their turn in that moment, but it took Annie to step up and do it.]






A full-color book in the form of a magazine, without ads, but with heart and soul and speed.

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