Answers to frequently asked questions:

Is the live Q&A now available in a recorded form?

It is not longer live. I'm sorry to say that it was deleted after a year of being online. As a consolation, though, I recommend listening to this talk, which is based in part on the book. Thanks.


Yes, bonuses. Buy one, I'll send you two. Buy 99, I'll send you 120. And in between. The purpose is simple: the book is published to be shared, to make change, to allow you to generously share an idea.

Will there be a Kindle edition?

Probably not, certainly not this year. I want this to be on paper, to be in color and to be shared. A book like this can be a physical reminder of change.

How long is it, what's it like?

The book is 160 pages long. As for what it's like, you really can't know until you read it. If you're the sort of person that needs to know, best to ask someone who already has a copy. (Check out the pictures in the video though... it's a pretty exciting format.)

Why is international shipping so ridiculously expensive?

I have no idea. It would be cheaper for me to put 100 copies in a suitcase and fly to Sydney. International shipments go by courier, and it’s unfortunately really expensive. 

BUT! If you want a single copy in English and you want a cheaper way to get it internationally, check out CEO READ.

What if I need six copies?

Feel free to pre-order two three-packs.

Will there be an audio book?

Sort of. I am thrilled to announce that I'm working with Sounds True and publishing a live audio that actually inspired this book. You can pre-order it right here. 100% of my royalties are donated directly to Acumen.

I found a typo!

Thanks for letting us know. Here's a simple way to give us the details.

Are there international editions?

We are in conversation with publishers around the world to print the book in various languages and countries. If you're a publisher with a history of doing this, please let me know. (seth@sethgodin.com)

UPDATE: We're delighted to announce that Diateino will be publishing the book in French. Check here for the official announcement. 

So, it sounds like what you're doing is taking the most powerful, personal messages of your blog and recent books, mixing them with evocative photos and then giving us a tool we can use to cajole and motivate ourselves and others?

Nailed it.

What should I do when I receive my copy?

Tell the others.


Here's an overview of the order options

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